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Custom Roofing

Custom Roofing with Designer Roofing Manufacturers

At Platform Roofing we like to refer to our steep-pitched designer systems (like DECRA, DiVinci, Inspire, Slate, Terracotta and Standing Seam) as Legacy Roofing Systems. We refer to these systems as Legacy Systems because these systems give your property a lasting legacy. Whereas most composition roofing systems are replaced every few years due to age or storm activity, these legacy systems are built to withstand generations and give your property the prestige it deserves.

Legacy custom roofing systems are not unlike Commercial roofing systems in that both must be designed individually to combat unique flashing situations and complex construction in order to ensure a seamless install.  The classifications of Legacy Roofing Systems are as follows:

  • Decra- Stone coated steel, which is shaped to simulate other types of roofing systems like wood shake tile or barrel tile. This system is very light and can be installed on any home without the necessity for additional structural support.
5309 Blackhawk Dr. Plano

Decra Tile in Chestnut


  • DiVinci, Inspire- These are synthetic systems made from durable polymers that are very impact resistant and are molded and cut to look usually like slate or wood shake roofing systems.
DaVinci Slate - Grey Variblend

DaVinci Slate – Grey Variblend


DaVinci Bellaforte Shake - Mountain VeriBlend

DaVinci Bellaforte Shake – Mountain VeriBlend


  • Slate- this is a natural material mined from underground. This is the most prestigious of all roofing systems due to the weight this system may take special construction to bear the additional load or a special kind of slate may be necessary to install of that additional framing is not in place. There are slate roofs in Europe that have lasted 500 years.


  • Terracotta- made from either natural material or concrete this roofing system is great to give a home the “south west” feel. This system may need additional framing to support that added weight of the tiles but once installed is nearly impervious to all kinds of weather.


  • Standing seam- this is the most illustrious profile in the metal family of roofing. These systems if installed with care can provide excellent energy efficiency and an incredible modern or country feel to a building based on color and architecture.

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