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Finding a Contractor for Your Designer Roof

Posted on: April 20th, 2018 by andrea

Finding a Contractor for Your Designer Roof

If you have a specialty designer roof system such as DaVinci, Decra or any kind of tile, terra-cotta, stone-coated steel, or synthetic material, it is of upmost importance to use a contractor and installer that understands these systems inside and out. The contractor should have samples available on-hand immediately and should not need time to “get their ducks in a row.” If they need to call around to get info on the system they are probably not experienced working with your kind of roof. The contractor should also have a portfolio available of other high-end systems they have completed in the past.

Ryan Jones, owner of Platform Construction & Roofing, explains more about finding a reputable and knowledgeable contractor for your designer roof HERE.



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