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Roof Cleaning – The Why, The When, and The How

Posted on: July 27th, 2016 by admin

Roof Cleaning - The Why, The When, and The HowRoof Cleaning – The Why, The When, and The How

Does your home roof look neglected? Have you noticed parts of roof getting covered by lichen, algae, and moss? When is the last time you’ve done some thorough roof cleaning?

Don’t feel bad. Many homeowners find roof cleaning as an essential part of roof maintenance, however, they just don’t remember or don’t have the time. Unfortunately, not cleaning your roof periodically can become a costly mistake. To the point that you could potentially have to replace your roof.


Planning ahead is the way to go. This will help you can get back on track and make roof cleaning a part of your to-do-list.

Don’t neglect your roof. Prevent further damage and protect your investment.

Let’s take a look at why roof cleaning is important, when it’s the best time to clean your roof, and how to clean your roof.


Roof Cleaning Maintenance

A clean roof will always allow a home to take the certain stage over a home with a neglected roof. You may not think about it, but not cleaning your roof can actually hurt your wallet. The last thing you want is to have an unexpected roof repair. Regardless if it’s dirt or debris, make sure to add roof cleaning as priority or you’ll have to pay for it later.

Why Is It Important

First off, your roof should last you a good 30 years, but without proper roof cleaning as part of your roof maintenance, you can actually increase the chances of having to replace your roof.

With that, roof cleaning is important to your roof’s longevity, energy efficiency, property value and aesthetics. But it doesn’t stop there, cleaning your roof also help expose any possible repairs, improve the roof membrane performance, and prevent any roof damage.

As you can see, there are many reasons for roof cleaning. So take your roof maintenance seriously. Try to include roof cleaning to the to-do-list about 2 to 3 times a year.

The Best Time to Clean

The best time to clean your roof is during the summer months. The lack of snow and rain, which can become a slipping hazard, make this time of the year a good time to take advantage of the sunshine. A dry roof surface is always better to walk on than a wet roof surface.

How to Clean

If you are ready to tackle on roof cleaning, it is advice to wear a harness, safety goggles, and skid proof shoes. This will help reduce the risk of falling off the roof and other potential injuries.  

Once everything is in order, you can start by inspecting your roof for any damages. Look for any tears or punctures of the roof membrane. Now, if you notice any badly damaged areas or holes, you should contact a roofing repair professional as soon as possible. As this can become a serious problem.

Secondly, remove any debris, such as leaves, branches, and trash; from the roof. This is especially true if you discover debris in or around drain areas, which can cause serious drainage issues. Once you got all the debris removed, take a broom to the roof and sweep any excess dirt.

Thirdly, focus your attention on the cleaning of the roof. This involves pressure washing. But before you start, you should check you local municipality power washing regulation to avoid any violations.


Final Thought

As you can see, roof cleaning is a very important part of your roof maintenance. This is why you should always plan and routinely clean your roof.

Getting on your roof is already a dangerous task and walking on the roof can actually cause more harm than good. You can also potentially void your roof’s warranty. No matter what, the best decision you can make is to schedule a roof cleaning professional when the time comes.


Roof repair is essential in maintaining the integrity of every roofing system. Even though a roofing system may be well  constructed, harsh weather elements over time can begin to deteriorate your roofing materials. If you find any extensive roof damage or need any roof repair, contact Platform Roofing at 817.776.0302 or fill the online form. Don’t let your roof become a wasted investment!

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