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Insurance Claims Process

Understanding the Insurance Claims Process in 5 Simple Steps

Residential roofing comprises a large part of the services we provide. After a storm you may be unsure of the first steps to take to ensure the integrity of your roofing system. Whether you know you have damage or not, review the 5 step insurance claims process below to fully understand the repair or replacement process.


Step 1: Detailed Professional Inspection

Hiring a professional and qualified roof inspector is crucial to the process of repairing any of your home exteriors. Roof damage can be difficult to determine, and can be more severe than what meets the eye, so it’s vital to have an expert take a look. We will always offer complimentary inspections, and, if the damage is severe enough, will even tarp your roof, free of charge, until the replacement is able to take place.

Once the inspection is complete, our reps become your advocate. We will work with you and your insurance company to be sure your claim is processed in a timely manner.

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Step 2: Insurance Claim Submission and Approval

If your roof has unrepairable damage, your insurance company will need to verify the damage. They will send an adjuster to your home to evaluate the damage. We recommend having one of our reps there for the adjuster appointment so he can inform the adjuster of any local code or building practices the adjuster should be aware of. Our reps can also help answer any questions you have about the insurance process.

Once your insurance has determined what needs to be repaired , the fun begins!

What Insurance Adjusters Look for In Storm Damaged Roofs


Step 3: Choosing Your New Roof

Platform Roofing uses only the best material on the market. Many roofing companies will try to cut corners and increase their profit by using sub-par material, but we believe in providing our customers with only the best. Our reps have sat through training sessions to understand different roofing systems and products are certified through GAF.

Your rep will sit down with you to help you pick the roofing materials that best suit your needs and desires. We want to ensure you are proud of the look of your home.


Step 4: Roof Installation and Setup

The first step of installing your new roof is removing your old, damaged roof. Although this does create a construction site, we will also be sure to keep your yard and surround areas as clean of debris and as safe as possible. We will then cover your roof deck with an underlayment to prevent any wind driven rain from causing rot in the future. Then your new shingles or tiles will be installed.

Financing through your roofing contractor


Step 5: Final Roof Inspection

After the installation process, your rep will re-inspect the property to be sure any remaining debris has been cleaned up and that your property and landscaping is as it was before we arrived. We will also inspect the new roofing system to be sure it is installed correctly and to your satisfaction.

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